Primary business activities of NPG member firms are the preparation of valuations of real estate for:

  • mortgage security purposes; 
  • insurance;
  • family law/matrimonial settlements;
  • sale and/or purchase of property;
  • rental assessments, reviews and determinations;
  • asset and financial reporting purposes;
  • land acquisition compensation;
  • rating and taxing purposes:
      • Council revaluation work
      • Owner objection to rating and taxation valuations.
  • taxation (GST, capital gains tax, stamp duty land tax etc);

Additional services offered by member firms may include:

  • advice on lease terms and conditions;
  • development feasibility analysis, marketing advice, and consultancy;
  • investment analysis and advice;
  • site identification and negotiation for purchaser acquisition;strategic asset management;
  • business accommodation or space planning;
  • other business interests (eg real estate agency, property management etc).