Employment opportunities exist for fully qualified Cerified Practising Valuers, trainee valuers and support staff in NPG member firms.


Certified Practising Valuers are highly trained professionals, with qualifications including teritary education followed by two years of practical experience as a trainee valuer under the supervision of a fully qualified valuer, and finally an oral and practical exam (known as a viva voce) by the Australian Property Institute.  Valuation courses are provided by various Universities in Australia and via study by correspondence.  To become a valuer you will be require good computer skills and be mathematically and grammatically minded.


Roles required of support staff include word processing, data entry and telephone skills.  Opportunities may also exist for senior administrative staff particularly with financial background/experience.


In the event you would like to further explore what employment opportunities may exist within Network Property Group please send a curriculum vitae or resume to  a firm in your location indicating your preferred employment role.